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Ports America is the largest U.S. terminal operator and stevedore, with operations in every major port in the nation. With more than 90 years of experience through predecessor companies, Ports America possesses dedicated resources that only a company of such scale and scope can deliver, including: skilled personnel, robust training programs, best-in class technology and experienced management. 

Services in Tampa, Florida

Size 138 acres

2 berths, 1600 (Berth 212) and 1300 ft. (Berth 213) at 43 ft. depth

General Cargo
6 berths, 4 at 1000 ft. and 2 at 800 ft. / 39 ft. depth

Cranes 2 x ZPMC Gantries 50LT Single
3 x 35 ton Paceco Gantry cranes
56LT Twin Pick and 75LT Cargo Beam
100 M/T Gottwald Mobile Harbor Crane
Access Breakbulk and heavy lift cargoes only via CSX
On dock rail available at Berth 208
Easy access to Interstate I-275 and I-4
General Container operations
Automobiles, steel, forest products and refrigerated commodities
104 reefer plugs, top loaders, fork lifts, gantry cranes
Dockworks and M21 (TOS)