COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Tampa Steel Conference (TSC) will be following the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Florida Department of Health, and the Hotel's guidelines to promote a healthy environment to be safe as possible for all involved at the conference.

At this time Florida and the event hotel are not requiring masks.  The TSC reccommends wearing a mask while indoors and in areas where guests are unable to social distance.

Please be advised that risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any event or public space including the Tampa Steel Conference 2023.  By attending the conference, you acknowledge the inherent risks and as a condition of entering the conference you agree to abide by applicable health guidelines.  At the time of writing (January 4, 2022) our guidelines are as follows:

Before you travel:

- Review any advisories or restrictions that may be in place for travel to the USA or to Florida

- We recommend you are fully vaccinated and/or follow CDC guidelines on taking a COVID test before attending the event

- All attendees (including those who are fully vaccinated) should follow the advice of the CDC at the time of the event with regard to wearing a mask

- We will communicate the CDC advice to you via email the week before the live event date

- By attending the Tampa Steel Conference 2022 you confirm that: you are not currently experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19,   as identified by the CDC; you have not knowingly been in contact with someone with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 symptoms without completing a 14-day quarantine; and that you are not under any self-quarantine order

While traveling:

- All attendees (including those who are fully vaccinated) should follow the advice of the CDC at the time of the event with regard to wearing a mask while traveling

At the conference:

- All attendees (including those who are fully vaccinated*) should follow the advice of the CDC with regards to wearing a mask

- Additional hand sanitizer and spare masks will be available at the registration desk and at the entrance of the conference auditorium

- To indicate personal preference for levels of face-to-face interaction, we will provide colored wrist bands for all attendees to wear.

- We encourage the use of outside spaces for networking and meetings where possible - many of the key conference functions, such as the annual golf tournament, are outdoors as in previous years.

- For details on additional measures the conference hotel is taking, please visit:

If you become ill, or test positive during the event:

- If you test positive for COVID-19, or meet any of the CDC or presiding local public health authority guidelines for: testing, quarantine or self-isolation, prior to or during the event; we strongly recommend you observe these measures and under no circumstances attempt to attend any part of the event

- Please email [email protected] for details of local testing centers, or if you test positive for COVID-19 during the event

- In the event of a positive test, re-entry to the conference will not be permitted

- If you test positive for COVID-19 following the event, please email: [email protected] and follow the presiding local health authority and/or CDC guidelines for treatment, tracing, quarantine and self-isolation

- For Florida State guidance on what to do in the event of a positive test, please visit the following this web page.

For those of you who are not aware, CRU Events also runs the SMU Steel Summit

This conference ran live in Atlanta towards the end of August, with 853 attendees in Atlanta, Georgia. In the post-conference survey, 93% of respondents said they felt comfortable or very comfortable with the SMU/CRU protocols put in place for their safety. Here's what we did:

- We realize we all have different levels of comfort of personal interaction, so we provided colored wrist bands for all attendees to wear, to indicate to each other if they wanted to social distance, or were happy to interact with no restrictions - or somewhere in between.

- The wearing of facemasks when inside was encouraged, as per the recommendations of the CDC, the state and the venue

- Hand sanitizer stations were available throughout the venue space for the use for all attendees

- Seats in the auditorium were spaced out, and numbers were limited to ensure spacing and comfort for all delegates.

- Lunches were served by staff, and screens placed to keep the food as hygienic as possible

Please note: The guidelines posted here are based on information currently available regarding the behavior and characteristics of the COVID-19 virus, public health information and local or state guidelines with respect to large gatherings in any particular community. As more clarity with respect to these variables emerges, it is expected that these guidelines may need to be adjusted accordingly.

*In general, people are considered fully vaccinated 2 weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such at Johnson & Johnson's Janssen vaccine.  If you don't meet these requirements, regardless of your age, you are NOT fully vaccinated.