Timo Vierimaa Peakmetals Inc.

Best value in any steel conference! Port of Tampa does excellent job in organizing this conference with great networking opportunities and agenda filled with industry leaders and interesting panel discussions. Haven't missed this conference for over 20 years.

Mike TrullConsultant

The Tampa Steel Conference is an excellent opportunity to get the story straight from the experts. You are exposed to members of every aspect of the steel industry from domestic mills and related associations to imports and trading companies and the American Institute for International Steel. If you have questions about trade and what is on the horizon, the Tampa Steel Conference will provide answers.

Alvin FaettDuferco

Without exaggeration I can say that the Tampa Port Steel conference is a TREMENDOUS value for the money spent. A nice reception the first night, followed by excellent speakers on day 2 makes the conference a highlight of the year for myself. Not to mention, that Tampa in February is a bit more comfortable, than being in New Jersey!

Federico G. Rivas BoschmaTampa Tank Inc./Florida Structural Steel

As a participant and speaker at the 27th Annual Port Tampa Bay Steel Conference, I was impressed by the knowledge and valuable information shared from other speakers, that immediately made me realize why each one of the Port Tampa Bay Steel Conferences has been a growing success. 

Barbara AndersonAMS Specialty Steel

I love the Tampa Steel Conference, and have been attending each year for more than a decade: the folks who organize it always do an outstanding job of bringing excellent panels and speakers together with enough "down-time" and events to be able to meet and network. The perfect mix, and a conference which also gives you great value: it’s short, fun, and a good bang for your buck!

Jo Isenberg-O’LoughlinEditor Emeritus
American Metal Market

Over the years, the Port of Tampa’s annual steel conference has evolved into a must-stop for anyone whose business is tied to the production, consumption and movement of steel between mills and their customers and along the metals supply chain.

Praise From the SMU Steel Virtual Conference

“Excellent forum for information about the economy, industry, and relevant topics to each of our companies. Tremendous networking opportunity as a variety and volume of people attending seek to meet and share information.”

Timothy Bilkey
President, VOSS Steel

“Found the convention to be informative, effective and purposeful. Believe I can use the information and make better informed decisions. Also made a number of new contacts.”

Carol Pacileo
Purchasing Manager, Westman Steel Industries

“Great information sharing during pandemic times. Pivot to a virtual format allowed increased participation. Interesting speakers and insights, hope to see a virtual option again next year!”

Josie Cassano Rizzuti
Marketing, ArcelorMittal Dofasco

“Fantastic job putting on the virtual conference!”

Leslie Kuebler
Commodity Manager, Steel Warehouse

“Absolutely loved how SMU pivoted to the virtual conference and knocked it out of the park!!”

Chad Gossard
Sales Manager, McNeilus Steel, Inc.

“Nicely done! SMU Steel Summit did a fantastic job of hosting a virtual conference.”

Jonathan Leebow
Majestic Steel

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