“The technology provided by the virtual conference helped us track and follow up on sales leads quickly and efficiently. While we missed meeting up face to face with our customers the virtual conference provided us a great platform to connect. We outperformed our goals in terms of sales leads and conversions into customers.  The virtual conference program provided great content, being able to flexibly watch and participate in the conference allowed us to remain engaged and at the same time continue to engage with our customers. We will defiantly participate in the next virtual conference , we found the SMU conference provided great value for money and ROI . The technology was easy to use and provide us great live information.”  
John Armstrong, Founder & CEO, Reibus International

“Great information sharing during pandemic times.  Pivot to a virtual format allowed increased participation. Interesting speakers and insights, hope to see a virtual option again next year!”
Josie Cassano Rizzuti, Marketing, ArcelorMittal Dofasco

“The SMU virtual conference this year is another successful event. Though we are unable to meet in person due to the pandemic, SMU has managed very well in providing a good platform for the industry to exchange views, ideas and insights
David Lee, Manager Market Development, Rio Tinto

Absolutely loved how SMU pivoted to the virtual conference and knocked it out of the park!!
Chad Gossard, Sales Manager, McNeilus Steel, Inc.

SMU did an amazing job of overcoming the obstacle of taking a traditional in person event and making it a virtual event. I was impressed with how well they covered the networking level in addition to the informational portion of the conference. The on-demand feature is my favorite part. So much information is given but being able to go back and refresh what was said or missed is very impactful.”   
Courtney Holmes, Product Group Manager, Pacific Steel and Recycling

“Fantastic job putting on the virtual conference!”
Leslie Kuebler, Commodity Manager, Steel Warehouse

“I have attended the SMU conference since it started . . .  SMU/CRU came up with a remarkable platform that was easy to use and effective
Jeff Fain, Metal Industry Professional     

“Excellent forum for information about the economy, industry, and relevant topics to each of our companies. Tremendous networking opportunity as a variety and volume of people attending seek to meet and share information” 
Timothy Bilkey, President, VOSS Steel

Found the convention to be informative, effective and purposeful.  Believe I can use the information and make better informed decisions.  Also made a number of new contacts” 
Carol Pacileo, Purchasing Manager, Westman Steel Industries

“Excited to be able to attend the SMU Steel Summit. This large virtual CRU conference had a vivid live show and high-quality presentations and panels
Felix Firsbach, Expert – Steel, Lhoist

“Nicely done!  SMU Steel Summit did a fantastic job of hosting a virtual conference” 
Jonathan Leebow, Majestic Steel

Great Event! The first virtual conference I participated in. Innovative!”
Filipe Fabri, Marketing Manager, Vesuvius USA

“John Packard and his team have put together an excellent package that adapts to the current environment. This virtual conference and website was very effective and worthwhile. Great work!
John Tran, Sales, ArcelorMittal

“Excellent [Virtual] Summit”
Bill Johnson, Director of Steel Purchasing, ClarkDietrich Building Systems

“Very professionally executed
Rick McCoy, Director of Business Development, Norfolk Iron and Metal

“SMU Steel Summit is an event for anyone who has the desire to learn about steel.  As this was my first virtual event (due to pandemic), I found to be very effective, informative and getting to know colleagues in this industry” 
Farid Qureshi, Divisional Purchasing Manager, ITW Shakeproof

“Great format and information, as usual.  Virtual is not optimal, but SMU made it work.  Great job!”
Sheri Burdette,  Senior Director of Procurement & Supply Chain, OmniMax

“As a first-time attendee to the SMU conference I was impressed at the overall structure, the quality of the program and variety of material. It was very well done considering the added challenges of doing this virtually
Mike Hamilton, Vice President - Corporate Supply Chain,  Ryerson

“It was a great conference full of good speakers and a wealth of information. For a virtual conference, it was the best I've attended
Rick Brintzenhofe, Vice President, Beaver Steel Services Inc

“I had planned to attend the live event this year for the first time, but the pandemic put a stop to that. I thought the virtual event was very well planned and executed and I am already looking forward to hopefully attending in person in 2021”
Bruce Benne, Purchasing Manager, AGI – Sentinel

Virtual or in person, great/relevant content rises to the top - you will find that with the SMU Steel Summit!”
Jim D'Alexander, Principal, Trend Publishing Metals Group/Modern Metals